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JYN ERSO. ([personal profile] insurgent) wrote2026-12-20 04:33 pm
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canon awareness. all films, books + comics: Rebel RisingRogue One novelization, Rogue One graphic novelization, Before the Awakening, Shattered Empire, (still working through Catalyst)
backtagging. yes! and feel free to pm me if i forget! i tend to be slow because i work on top of being a masters' student.
threadhopping. always.
fourthwalling. no thanks.
offensive subjects. none.
captcha. doesn't bother me, but i'm never opposed to continuing a thread elsewhere either!
gen. adventures, vastly prefer space settings but down for aus (westworld, thg, pacific rim, etc.), rebellion or resistance era au is fab, deep emotional chats™, assumed history, fix-it, pre-canon.
shipping. p. much anything goes. jyn/cassian. jyn/bodhi. probs everyone except darksiders.


can do pre-film, mid-film, post-ending, alternate ending, w/e. default for games is after her father dies on eadu.
fighting. absolutely.
injuries. yes.
death. yes.
telepathy/psychic abilities. yes, but let me know, so i can keep you properly informed.
physical affection. do it.
flirting. yes yes yes.

warnings. n/a.